Living Room Remodel – Before and After

In this living room remodel project we installed a full length fireplace mantel and added recessed lighting in the ceiling. We installed crown molding and repainted the walls and ceiling and finished the renovation with new slate flooring.

Before / During / After

Living Room Before Fireplace Mantel
During Remodel
Living Room After New Fireplace Mantel, New Lighting, New Paint and New Slate Tile.
After Remodel
During Remodel. In this home remodeling project work had begun removing the tile floor and the wet bar countertop.
Living Room After Wet Bar, New Paint, New Granite Countertops and New Slate Tile.
After Remodel. In this remodeling project we installed a granite countertop, sink and faucet for the wet bar. The ceiling and walls were repainted and slate flooring completed the room.
During Remodel. In this living room renovation the tile flooring has begun to be removed.
After Remodel. In this photo the original white tile flooring was replaced with new slate tile while the walls, ceiling and trim were repainted.

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