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An Island Kitchen Remodeling job. Granite Countertops, Seating for three, Island Gas Range, Sink, Lighting, Cabinet Drawers and Tile Flooring.

Patio Doors

This home remodeling project involved the installation of new custom patio doors.  We installed insulated doors off the upstairs bedroom that opens onto a deck that has a great view of a local park.  These high efficiency doors should help keep the noise down from the adjacent park.  In addition, they should also help keep out dust.  Futhermore, the walls and trim were prepped and repainted while new carpet was furnished to complete this room remodel.

New Door Photos

Patio Door Project Picture Patio Door New Insulated Glass Double Patio Door with New Hardware and White Paint
This home remodeling photo shows the newly installed insulated glass doors.

New glass patio doors, like the ones displayed here, offer the home owner a terrific view of the town park.  For instance, the morning views can be more enjoyable now that these doors are in place.  Despite the close proximity to the park, the noise level should be quite low since these insulated doors help keep out the unwanted noises.  Finally, these sturdy doors also provide protection from the unwanted outdoor dust.

Patio Door New Insulated Glsaa Double Patio Door with New Hardware and White Paint
The home remodel photo shows another angle of the high efficiency doors as well as the new carpet and paint.

The upstairs bedroom patio can now be used to its full potential with the addition of these glass doors.  While being in the comfort of the bedroom,  the home owner can now enjoy the view of the outdoor patio and beyond.  Not only is the view enhanced from within the bedroom, but externally they look great as well.  Hence, this relatively simple bedroom remodel should increase the outside appearance value of the house too. 

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