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An Island Kitchen Remodeling job. Granite Countertops, Seating for three, Island Gas Range, Sink, Lighting, Cabinet Drawers and Tile Flooring.

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Meeting with GulfStar Windows and Home Improvement Company

Choosing a remodeling Houston company can be a nerve racking and challenging decision.  This is why we decided to explain how the typical project begins and concludes when using GulfStar Windows and Home Improvement Company.

Referrals are a great way to find out about us.  That way you have already spoken with someone about our services and you should have a good idea of how we operate.

However, we get clients from the internet too.  Regardless of how you found out about Gulfstar we are glad you did.  We would like to take a moment to explain how the process goes so that our clients can have a better understanding about our home remodeling services.

Remodeling Houston – First Contact

Generally, the client makes the first move by contacting Gulfstar.  This can be done via a phone call, email, Yelp, Facebook or Google.  Then we will promptly respond to your inquiry, usually by phone or e-mail.  If we feel that you can benefit from our services then we usually set up an appointment to meet in person.  Even if your request is outside of our service expertise, we will contact you nevertheless, and in some cases even recommend an alternative company.

This cordial and professional meeting is where we will discuss what type of home remodeling project the client has in mind.  This can include one or several of our services, from new insulated windows to a complete kitchen remodel.

We will discuss and explain how Gulfstar can make this happen for the client.  Since the client typically has a good idea of what the final home remodeling product should look like already, we simply try to convey how we can make it happen.

The Estimate

Clients need to know, for their own sanity, how long a project will take and how much a project will cost. Gulfstar puts our clients at ease with a free written estimate and a very accurate project timeline.  If any unforeseen circumstance comes up we will always explain them in detail.  As good as we are there are some things we just have no way of knowing about until the project begins.  In our project discussions these types of events are covered so that when or if they happen our clients are prepared.

The project estimate will typically include a payment structure which will list the specified payment amounts and when they are expected.  The payment structure on most projects is a first payment is due at the end of the first week after the project is started.  Then payment draws are requested based on milestones achieved throughout the project.  There is always a final balance due at the completion of the project.  Draws never result in a zero balance prior to completion of the project.  We will always perform a final walk-through to make sure everything has been done to the customer’s satisfaction.

Satisfied Customers

It has always been our objective to make sure that the client is happy with the project when we leave.  Happy clients are our best source of new client referrals, so customer satisfaction is very important to us. 

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