Home Remodeling Houston

What a home improvement company does during a remodeling job.

GulfStar Windows and Home Improvement Company has been in business for over 40 years and we have prided ourselves on maintaining strong customer relations.  We have accomplished this, in part, due to our attention to details on the job site.

It is important to note that when we begin a project our clients know precisely what will be involved with their remodeling job.  We will explain the various home remodeling steps that will happen and the client will be kept up to date on the remodeling job’s progress.

As we carry out the project, it is important for us to keep a clean job site.  Home remodeling can, at times, be quite messy.  We do our best to clean as we go and always leave the site as clean as possible at the end of each day.  It may be a job site to some, but we realize that it is also someone’s home.  In that regard, we strive to preserve the sanctity of the client’s house by sweeping, vacuuming and removing excess clutter at the end of the day.

Our crews are all professional in their given trades and we maintain that level of professionalism when dealing with the client during a job.  The jobs are closely supervised by the owner of GulfStar.  Whether consulting with the client, dealing with a designer or discussing a job aspect with the crew, the owner is always available for making decisions or giving advice.

As a project nears completion, GulfStar will consult with the client to make sure that all of the project details have been addressed and have been completed to the client’s satisfaction.  Some in the business call this step a ‘punch list’.  Successfully completing the punch list is very important to us and at this time we want the client to be overjoyed with the results.

After the punch list is done then it’s time for a final cleanup.  If needed we will use a special magnetic broom to capture are the small metal objects that may have escaped the daily clean ups.  In addition to the sweeping, dusting and vacuuming GulfStar has been known to have the job site professionally cleaned as well, thus insuring tidy newly remodeled home.

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