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Insulated Replacement Windows

Insulated windows can be a good way to enhance your home’s appearance and value.  Replacing the original inferior single pane windows with attractive, energy efficient, insulated windows can help decrease your energy costs.  In addition, the windows can reduce the noise and dust level in your home as well.  Further, this added level of protection can play a significant part in your home’s curb appeal and overall homeowner satisfaction.

Energy Efficient Windows

Window Aluminum Frame Sample Colors Desert Sand, Silver, White and Bronze
Above are the color samples for aluminum replacement windows.

These appealing insulated windows are available in aluminum or vinyl construction. The color choices for the aluminum windows are Desert Sand, Silver, White and Bronze. While the vinyl windows are available in White, Desert Sand and Adobe. Regardless of the color, all of the insulated replacement windows are custom made to the client’s specifications.

Replacement Insulated Window Silver Frame Single Hung
Silver Aluminum Window

An example of the window’s construction is the double pane, insulated glass system. These windows work similarly to your oven door. As a rule, an oven door is also double paned and insulated. Therefore, keeping the majority of the oven’s heat inside the oven. Similarly, double pane insulated windows help keep the heat or cold out of your home, much like the oven door keeps the heat inside the oven.

Replacement Window Aluminum Demo Bronze Thermal Barrier Sash.
Here is the window's thermal barrier

Another aspect is the thermal barrier, one of the key insulating components of energy efficient windows. This is a layer of polyurethane set between the inner and outer frames which increases the insulating value of the window. Therefore, the window frame’s natural thermal conduction property is reduced by the thermal barrier. Thus, the thermal barrier helps keep the home’s internal air at the desired temperature set on the home’s A/C thermostat.

Insulated Replacement Windows – Thermal Barrier Photos

As mentioned, below is an example of the thermal barrier in an insulated window’s sash in the tilted position.

Similarly, this photo below is an example of the silver, single hung insulated window with the sash tilted inward.  As a result, the window tilt makes cleaning the window much easier.

This photo below shows the bottom of the window sash.  As shown, there is an inner and outer seal separated by the thermal barrier.  Accordingly, these three window elements work to help maintain the homeowner’s desired internal air temperature.  In addition. the seals also help reduce the internal dust and noise levels for the house.

Window Certification

Our windows are certified to the AAMA standards.  Since 1936, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association has been a strong supporter for those businesses involved in the window and door business.

Window Latch – Insulated Replacement Windows

The picture below shows a close -up of the secure window latch for tilting the window sash inward.  Thus, making easy window cleaning possible.

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