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An Island Kitchen Remodeling job. Granite Countertops, Seating for three, Island Gas Range, Sink, Lighting, Cabinet Drawers and Tile Flooring.

Wet Bar

This home remodeling project included renovating a wet bar.  For example, this design called for a custom made granite countertop surface which included a backsplash.  In addition, the granite surface was also use for the actual bar top as well.  As seen in the photo, this combination really makes for modern and stylish entertainment area.   Before the countertop could be installed, the cabinets were prepped and painted while new cabinet hardware was installed.  Futhermore, the walls, wood trim and ceiling were repainted according to the home owner’s wishes.  Concluding this bar renovation was the installation of new slate tile flooring which pleasantly ties together with the granite countertop.  As a result, this remodel provides a simple and clean, yet very functional addition to the home’s casual entertainment room.

Wet Bar Project Picture with New Granite Countertop, Faucet, Sink, Cabinets, Drink Ledge and White Paint
The above home remodeling photo shows the new granite countertop for the bar.
Wet Bar with New Granite Countertop, Faucet, Sink, Cabinets, Drink Ledge and White Paint
This view from the new bar shows part of the living room home remodeling as well.

Bar Photos

A view from the living area of the bar project.  Here,  the newly painted walls, ceiling and trim are visible, demonstrating the clean contrast between the cabinets, wood trim, slate tile and the new granite countertop.  Additionally, the new bar top adds a space for the new decorative bar stools, which help elevate the overall new modern look.

Another living room view of the completed project. In addition to presenting the entire bar remodel, this photo also shows how well the new paint colors compliment each other. Particularly evident is the way the slate tile flooring wraps around and behind the new bar.

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