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An Island Kitchen Remodeling job. Granite Countertops, Seating for three, Island Gas Range, Sink, Lighting, Cabinet Drawers and Tile Flooring.

Outdoor Kitchen

It has become quite popular for our home remodeling clients to request information about an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.  Outdoor kitchens can provide, in essence, another living area for the home owner.  Apart from having cooking capabilities, they can also provide an entertainment area with seating and dining capacities. 

Creating a Space

Generally, a new space needs to be created for the new outdoor cooking and dining area.  In this example the client wanted to incorporate an outdoor cooking area with an existing patio.  It was decided to extend the existing roof to provide covering for the new outside kitchen area.

Roof Extension

Here the roof extension framing is shown which will allow the new roof to offer the new living area cover.  The roof was built to align with the existing roof edge to provide a smooth visual transition.

Roof Framing

The new addition’s wooden support post is shown here in the center foreground while the roof’s rafter beams have been added along with some of the new roof felt.

Completed Outdoor Kitchen

 This is a photo of the completed outdoor kitchen with entertainment areas.  Along with the gas grill cooking area in the center there are also two table areas and a bar area on the left.  Two outdoor speakers were also wired and installed on either side of the grill’s exhaust fan.

Outdoor Living Area

This is another view of the completed project which shows a better view of the living area.  The bar is depicted in the background while the lighted ceiling fans are displayed.  The three new soffit vents under the roof’s edge are also visible along with the new gutter system.

Lighted Outdoor Bar

This home remodeling photo shows a side view of the completed bar on the left which has granite countertops and two suspended blue shaded lights.  Also visible is the new roof’s white support column in the center and the exhaust vent’s roof exit pipe.

Gas Grill

This home remodeling project photo shows two different angles of the new gas grill with hot plate.  The new custom cabinets and exhaust vent are displayed as well.  In addition to the hot plate, the grill area also has a granite countertop utility area on the right side.

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