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An Island Kitchen Remodeling job. Granite Countertops, Seating for three, Island Gas Range, Sink, Lighting, Cabinet Drawers and Tile Flooring.

Working with us


Initial Client Contact and Home Improvement Bid

What is the typical home remodeling process when working with Gulfstar Windows and Remodeling Company?

Working with Gulfstar

The first step is the initial contact.  Typically, a client has done some research and has a good idea of what they would like done to their home.  They probably have done some online research and found a list of possible companies that can do the work.  In addition, they may have some friends who have had recent home remodeling work and they may have asked their friends who did the work.  If the prospective client then calls that particular contractor, then we call that a referral.

While we do have an online presence, much of our work comes from referrals.  People tend to more feel comfortable getting home improvement advice and ideas from friends, especially when they can see the finished product, like at a dinner or pool party.

Initial Contact

Regardless of the means, the initial contact is important to us.  During this time we like to get a brief description of the client’s remodeling wants and desires.  We will then set up a face to face appointment so that we can get a clearer idea of the client’s expectations.

We will listen and discuss with the client as they explain their home remodeling dreams.  Such a conversation is where we get a good idea of the client’s final expectations.  Once we have these design and project ideas we can then formulate a home improvement bid.

The Bid

Our bids will cover the building materials, the estimated time to complete the project and the project’s cost.  We will fully explain each of the home improvement bid’s elements until the client is satisfied with the home remodeling process.

Our business model is to have completely satisfied customers.  Not only do we want our clients happy with their home improvements, but we also take pride in our work.  It’s just good business since happy clients make the best sources of referrals.

We hope this provided some helpful insight into working with Gulfstar Windows and Home Improvement Company.


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