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Replacement Windows

Replacement Insulated Window Almond Slider Frame
Desert Sand Slider Window with Matching Caulk
Replacement Insulated Window Tilted Single Hung Silver Frame
Silver Single Hung Insulated Window
Replacement Insulated Window Triple Single Hung Frames Almond Color
Three Desert Sand Single Hung Windows

Insulated Windows

Home remodeling often times includes replacing the existing single pane windows with new insulated windows. New windows can really spruce up the looks of a home.  The aluminum framed replacement windows are available in the colors Desert Sand, White, Silver and Bronze.  While the vinyl frames are offered in White, Desert Sand and Adobe colors.  Once installed a color matching frame caulk is used to seal the window frame to the home.

Replacement Insulated Window Desert Sand Frame Single Hung
Desert Sand Single Hung

Insulated windows offer our clients a new clean exterior look.  While raising the home’s curb appeal, replacement windows can also provide other benefits for you.  They can help save money on energy costs and reduce the dust and noise levels in the house.

Replacement Insulated Window Desert Sand Frame Single Hung
Desert Sand Single Hung

Replacement Insulated Windows

This can be achieved due to the new window’s superior construction compared to the typical original windows.  Many homes are built with cheaper windows to save on costs.  These windows are generally single paned and not insulated, which allows for a much higher temperature transfer rate into the home.  Also, many homes with single paned windows can suffer from extra dust and noise.  Our insulated replacement windows are designed to stop most of the air and dust from entering the home.


Silver Frame Window Single Hung Frame 600x400
Replacement Insulated Window Silver Frame Single Hung
Window Sliver Frame Thermal Barrier Tilted
Thermal Barrier

Thermal Barrier

For tackling the temperature transfer into a home, our aluminum windows are built with a thermal barrier in the frames and sashes. This barrier helps stop the heat or cold from conducting through the aluminum frames into the home.

The photo shows the Thermal Barrier (or Break) on the insulated window sash.

Fight the Dust

Our windows help stop the air and dust from entering the house as well.  This is done by having an outer and inner air barrier all around the sash.  Also, the windows come with aluminum, not plastic, glazing which can last much longer and can prevent air and moisture transfer into the home.

This photo shows the inner and outer seals on the bottom of the window sash.  Also depicted in the photo is the Thermal Barrier in between the two insulating seals.

Window Silver Frame Open Showing the Lower Seals and Thermal Barrier
Lower Inner and Outer Seals

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